Medstead Players - Par for the Course - March 2019

Written by Peter Gordon
Directed by Jenny Overy

Captain's Day at the Seven Lakes Golf Club gets off to a bad start when the men's Captain is indisposed. Club secretary, Simon, relishes the chance to take over but is soon thwarted by the arrival of Vice Captain, Nick and his girlfriend, Tiffany. Lady Captain, Fran, and enthusiastic but hopeless Barry add to the confusion as a series of disasters mount. With the unexpected arrival of Simon's wife, Laura, tensions build and things go from bad to worse.

Set on the patio and practice area outside the clubhouse bar, the play revolves around the outrageous antics of the club's members, who find that personal relationships off the course are more dangerous than the hazards on the course.

'Par for the Course' - Another triumph for the Medstead Players
Par for the Course

A very entertaining evening was had by all, if the large audiences were anything to go by. They certainly laughed in all the right places. Due to changes in the cast, Tania McCullough and Nick Cooper were late replacements but you would not have known that at all. The action took place on the patio and practice putting green of the Seven Lakes Golf Club, a misnomer by any stretch of the imagination, as the Golf Course had merely two small ponds and one had dried up. The club Captain had been taken ill on the most prestigious day of the year, Captain's Day and both the Club Secretary and the Vice-Captain were vying for who should be the one to take over. Whilst they argued a very tasty lady came on the scene to cause havoc and mayhem, along with the other members of the Golf Club.

Nick Cooper as Club Secretary, Simon was a natural on stage and very convincing as a man trying to avoid his duties as a husband and son and also avoid his wife Laura. Nick is a very welcome return to the Players after a few years away.

Sue Millet played long suffering wife Laura, who after a few G & Ts got quite drunk and told people just what she thought of her husband and others too - well done Sue.

Will Rouse, who has played several diverse roles with the Players and elsewhere, showed his flair for character parts again, playing Nick the Vice-Captain, 'babe magnet', biker and all round cad.

Tania McCullough played Tiffany to a 'T' with her constant 'Oopps' and 'Oh Nick you do my 'ed in' comments. Let's hope she forgets cooking and sticks to her plan to be 'cabin crew'. This was Tania's first foray into Am Dram and my goodness what a talent.

Kathy Gunning added a bit of military calm and organisation to the golf Club as 'Major Fran' Ladies Captain and all round good egg, even though Tiffany was under the impression she was a 'Lady Man' thanks to Nick and his pranks. A second outing for the gifted Kathy who really wants to play a 'girly girl' next time.

Anita Prior added to the comedy by playing Barry - yes Barry, the bungling golfer unable to hit a stroke on the course but a clear winner with the ladies.

The set was magnificent, sound and lighting very effective and all thanks to the backstage crew, all under the assured direction of Jenny Overy.

Thanks to all the Players who were involved both on and off the stage for another great production. We all hope that the poor golfer at the end, played by Stan Whitcher, finally found a loo.
[Nita Simpson]

Par for the Course
The Medstead Players production of Peter Gordon's 'Par for the Course' was a very entertaining evening, as the residents of a golf club struggled with the day to day life of being, well, members of a golf club! Very good script and some lovely strong characterisation by the cast.

A particularly strong performance from Tania McCullough as Tiffany, the vice-captain's dolly bird girlfriend who captured the role beautifully. Also special mention to Nick Cooper as Simon, the pompous club secretary, who at short notice stood in. Unfortunately he was somewhat hampered by reading his lines (very cleverly I would add) from a tablet/clipboard, but who never the less, did a sterling job.

The production (on its opening night) lacked pace, which did tend to make it drag in places but despite that, a good evening from a talented cast who bought this entertaining play to life.
[Chas Byrne]

Barry West - Anita Prior
Simon Weaver - Nick Cooper
Nick Armitage - Will Rouse
Tiffany Jennings - Tania McCullough
Fran Jeffries - Kathy Gunning
Laura Weaver - Sue Millet

This amateur production by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd.

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