Medstead Players - 'The Jumble Sale' - June 2017

Written by John Bartlett
Directed by Graham Bennell

The Jumble Sale
The Jumble Sale

In 'The Jumble Sale', the best efforts of the lady organisers are severely tested by the Scouts, who not only try to palm off the unsold jumble from their last sale (together with a bag of their football team kit by mistake), but also make off with a chest full of props for the AmDram group's next show. This group is short of an actor, so the new Vicar is reluctantly persuaded to take a part. He is also taken sternly to task by an assertive lady of the village for changing the flower arranging activities in the Church and for partnering her with someone she doesn't like at the next whist-drive. A retired Colonel, with an eye for the ladies, tries to apply some military thinking before the jumble sale opens, but only succeeds in breaking the Hall's entire set of tea cups, together with his ankle. The doors open, the jumble is devoured by the ravaging horder of villagers and the lady organisers breathe a sigh of relief, as the sale closes for another year.

We, the audience, were the culprits getting in before the opening of the jumble sale; the Caretaker challenged our presence and after a to and fro barracking agreed to hide us behind a screen. The vicar then let us in, only to be berated by Mrs. Meacher. Whilst dialogue front stage, the helpers Jane and Phyllis, backstage, were trying on and fighting over various articles with Jane twirling two tassels at her bosom to the delight of the audience. The Colonel character was outstanding and the two sadistic paramedics who came to his aid raised many a laugh. An enjoyable play and well acted by all who took part.
[Brian Hoff]

Mr Wrankin - Clive Winchester
Vicar - Will Rouse
Mrs Meacher - Anita Prior
Colin Rutter - Mike Overy
Jane - Nikki Tindale
Phyllis - Claire Fraser Colonel Drinkwater - Brian Arrowsmith
Mary Pike - Ruth Morales
Paramedic 1 - Peter Hopwood Hall
Paramedic 2 - Janice Hopwood Hall
Miss Kill - Carol Beddingfield
Mr Tumley - Stan Whitcher
Gordon Phillips - Elliot Williams

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