Medstead Players - Appletastic - November 2018

Written by Colin Barrow
Directed by Anita Prior and Nita Simpson

Appletastic is about Rose and Roger Dunstable who have bought and modernized a house in which Roger lived as a child to the age of around seven. They engage Miss Percy and Miss Pilsworth to work on the very neglected large back garden. It soon becomes clear that the sight of an apple tree bearing rosy red apples seems to stir something in Roger's memory, but what? The arrival of their son and daughter-in-law enthused by family research takes the story of discovery forward. During the garden renovations a human skeleton is unearthed in the garden. As the story twists and turns giving the audience laughter and intrigue, it contains red herrings to keep them guessing. At the close of the play, all is sensationally revealed with unexpected twists in which the Dunstable family are left in total surprise.

Roger Dunstable - Peter Cox
Rose Dunstable - Sharon Blackshaw
Georgia Pilsworth - Kathy Gunning
Emma Percy - Sue Millet
Matt Dunstable - Simon Buckingham
Lucy Dunstable - Sophie Buckingham
Professor Mary Southwood - Nicola Young
Inspector Thompson - Clive Winchester
Doctor Palmer - Patrick Burridge

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